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 [Guide] Basic K-Style

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PostSubject: [Guide] Basic K-Style   Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:35 am

Just some moves to use in GunZ. If you have any problems with this or if you want to learn some moves, contact some of our members, this includes: ~FWT~, Subway, Sheen, Xcede, Chromatic, and me.

To do a Wall-Cancel:
1. Run towards the wall.
2. Jump towards the wall(Jump while holding forward button)
3. Jump once you touch the wall.
4. Slash.
5. Dash back towards the wall.
7. Repeat.

This move can be very useful when you have low health and you have to try to escape enemy fire.

Multiple-Wall Run
This is a harder move. You must know wall-canceling to execute this move.
1. Wall-Run towards the wall(running on side of the wall)
2. When you run out of energy your character will flip.
3. When it flips, Slash to regain control.
4. Dash back towards the wall in the same angle as when you started.
5. Once you touch the wall, press jump 2 times.
7. Repeat.

Why do you have to press jump 2 times? Well, the first you in so you flip back and second one is to start running again. Useful for escaping enemy fire or just plain showing-off. Very Happy

Light Step
Very useful for a beginner K-Styler. Basically the first step to BFing.
1. Jump to start off.
2. Dash while your still in mid-air.
3. Slash to gain control.
4. Dash again.
5. Then Repeat.

This move basically allows you to dash two times in mid-air if your really good at it. When using this move, try to stay farther away from the opponent so only that you only use the tip of your sword to hit them. That way, you won't get stunned when you hit their block. When people use that massive, thats your chance to get in and land a couple of hits. When they re-cover, be sure to dash back to stay safe.

Advanced Light-Step I guess. Most popular move used by K-Stylers.
1. Jump to start off.
2. Dash while your still in mid-air.
3. Slash to gain control.
4. Block right after you slash to cancel out the animation.
5. Repeat.

When I say, "Slash to cancel out the animation," that means that the hit is still there but the animation won't be as long so you have more time to repeat the move. The faster your BF is, the better.

Basic shooting move for K-Stylers. Very useful move though.
1. Jump to start off.
2. Dash while in mid-air.
3. Slash then Hold the slash.
4. Switch to your gun.
5. Your gun will then shoot and then repeat.

Why use this move? If you get really good at it, people won't be able to hit you in battle. Very basic but very useful. The faster your slash-shot is, the better. This move also has an advantage. When you slash and change to your gun, the slash stays and you also get to shoot your opponent. So if someone is too close to you in battle, slash-shot and they will get hit by your blade and you also get to shoot them.
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Basic K-Style   Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:00 am

nice descriptive guide xD, and it is very basic lolz but if we get a noob im sure they can learn with this, nice work Retribution xD
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[Guide] Basic K-Style
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