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 Photoshop cs2 + keygen for the people that want =)

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PostSubject: Photoshop cs2 + keygen for the people that want =)   Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:09 am

Here is how to Get Photoshop CS2 Full... For Free! xD

First Download Photoshop CS2 open it and Install

Download Link:

Next Download the Keygen (dont Worry i already did it so i know its safe)

Once installing
Photoshop CS2 Finish the installation until you come to

"Register" It will say "Serial Number"


Open your "Paradox Keygen" that you got from the second link...

in the first line it will say
"serial number" Copy the number it should look like


EXAMPLE: 1045-1086-1637-4334-4550-4252 (dont use)

Paste the serial number into your Photoshop registration area where it says "Serial


Put anything for "Name" and Corperation

Click Activate Now...

From there it will activate...but fail...

On the bottom left of the Registration window there will be a
"Phone Activation"

Click"Phone Registration"...

Now for the last part!!!

Copy The Activation Number in the
"Phone registration"line


"Generate Authorization"in your Paradox Keygen...

Copy and paste the Authorization code and paste it into The registration box saying
"authorization code"


Click Okay or Activate Now...

And Wallah!

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Photoshop cs2 + keygen for the people that want =)
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